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Women more eager to buy property in the UK than men, research suggests

Some 1.8 million young women aged between 18 and 34 are ready to get on the housing ladder, the study published today (Friday June 24) from Post Office Mortgages reveals.

The Post Office's own mortgage data shows that female buyers are, on average, a year younger than male home buyers. And there are significant regional differences across the UK. Women buying in Sunderland are, on average, nine years younger than men buying, they are seven years younger in Hereford, and six years younger in Slough and Leicester.

When asked what they would sacrifice to get onto the property ladder, some 37% of women said they were most happy to forego buying in a trendy area. But security of the area where the property is located was the factor women were least likely to compromise on. Just 17% say they would settle for an area they don't feel as safe in.

Men said they were more willing to sacrifice outside space and being in a family area to get their foot on the ladder than women, 31% of men versus 24% of women. Women said they were happier to compromise on closeness to a city or city centre, 31% versus 23% of men.

Women certainly have money on their minds when it comes to playing the property game as 50% of young women said it is important to invest in their own home for the sake of their financial security. Almost half, 47%, said that mortgage repayments are a better use of money than renting.
The most important reasons for young men to buy their first property is to be independent, 44%, while 33% said it was for financial security.

‘Our research shows that female first time buyers are happy to compromise on the more superficial aspects of property ownership because they see buying a home as a financial investment in their future,’ said Mike Cook, Post Office head of Mortgages.

‘First time buyers, be they female or male, must make sure they choose the right mortgage to help them get their feet on the first rung of the property ladder. A 10% deposit is the minimum they should be aiming to save and they must look carefully at the long term value of the deal they sign up for to make sure they don't get stung with any unexpected fees or rate hikes once the fixed period is over,’ he explained.

He added that the Post Office has recently cut most of the rates across its range of fixed rate, tracker, and buy to let mortgages, and introduced a new range of fee assisted products. Many of the rate reductions are significant for the higher loan to value (LTV) products, which is good news for first time buyers.