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How to furnish your rental property cheaply

Most tenants will want to take out a contents insurance policy for their own possessions and you will normally have Landlord Insurance cover for the possessions you have.  You will want to make sure that policy is worthwhile having because you have some good quality furniture to insure.

So how do you find decent furniture at reasonable prices?

Charity Shops

Some people shun charity shops thinking that they only stock cheap things and aren’t good quality.  That is very often not the case.  People will sometimes give good furniture that they don’t want any more to charity shops.  You might not pick up a bargain on your first trip but if you are a little bit persistent you may just find something that would have cost a lot more to buy in a normal high street shop.

Charity shops that stock large bulky items like sofas or wardrobes will very often deliver your purchases to your home.  It does depend on the shop, but these are ideal places to find bargains and they are often found in or near your local High Street.

Go online

For some people there’s not much that’s more enjoyable than scooping a bargain online.  Ebay is a great place to pick up a good deal on second hand furniture.  There is also Gumtree where people sell unwanted furniture.  You of course have to be careful about the quality of what you’re buying, but the same goes for most things.

Ask your friends and family

Sometimes you might be able to bag a bargain from your friends or family and could get it for free.  People often throw out furniture that is unwanted or that they have replaced.  If they know you are looking they might ask you before they either dispose of it, give it to a charity shop, or sell it.

Furnishing your rental property cheaply is not as difficult as you might think if you do a bit of research.  You can actually get some good quality second hand furniture that is in very good condition at prices that are far less than you would pay if the furniture was brand new.