First-time buyers could save £5,000 depending when they buy household items

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First-time buyers could save more than £5,000 on the items they buy when moving into a new home depending on the month in which they make the purchases, new research has suggested.

The First-Time Buyer Shopping Price Index from idealo tracked the cost of 37 home items to see how the total price varies for each month of the year. Items included everything from televisions and microwaves to dishwashers and lawn mowers.

It found that the cheapest month to make these purchases was December, when the total cost would be £5,531 cheaper than the most expensive month, November.

From cheapest to dearest, the research found that these were the best months to purchase large household items:

  1. December
  2. August
  3. September
  4. July
  5. March
  6. October
  7. May
  8. June
  9. January
  10. February
  11. April
  12. November

“When it comes to buying big ticket items for their new properties, it’s vital that first-time buyers shop around for potential deals,” said John Ellmore, director of

“Of course, not all purchases can wait, so exactly when a homebuyer makes major purchases cannot always be controlled. Nevertheless, investing a little time in searching for the best price – which can usually be done quickly online – can result in significant financial savings. The same is true for home and contents insurance, too, so first-time buyers must not overlook this.”