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Former Barclays COO invests in Dashly

The former chief operating officer of Barclays Mike Bagguley has invested an undisclosed sum into Dashly.

Dashly provides brokers with a whole of mortgage market comparison service, using credit reference agency, current account, house price and up-to-date mortgage balance (i.e. LTV) data to look for opportunities for their clients to save money.

Mike Bagguley, Dashly, said: “When I first came across Dashly I was fascinated by its ambition to use technology to identify mortgage savings in a way that’s never been done before, with huge financial benefits not just for consumers but also the intermediary at the heart of this sector.

“Dashly turns the way we think of mortgages on its head, from something you deal with every few years to a product that can be changed at any time, as its algorithm is calculating billions of pieces of data each day. It empowers brokers like never before while also eradicating that public enemy number one, consumer inertia.”

Dashly is running its broker-only pilot exclusively through Paradigm Mortgage Club until the New Year, before making itself available to the wider broker community in January 2020.

In recent weeks it has announced partnerships with both Prudell Limited and Hawke Financial Services.