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Free Webinar to Help Landlords Improve Energy Efficiency

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Property Master, the leading online buy-to-let mortgage broker, is hosting a free Webinar this coming Friday, October 29th at 10.00am to help landlords understand how they can improve the energy efficiency of their properties.   Landlords can register for the Webinar using this link: and can post their questions in advance by emailing

The Webinar comes on the heels of the Government’s publication last week of its Heat and Buildings Strategy which offered grants of £5,000 to homeowners including landlords in a bid to persuade them to replace gas boilers with systems such as heat pumps.  The Webinar is also just two days before the Glasgow-based COP 26 meeting brings world leaders together in a bid to tackle climate change.

As part of the UK’s commitment to meet its net zero greenhouse gases target of 2050 the Government has signalled it will mandate that all private sector rented housing will require an EPC of at least a C by 2028.  An EPC at a C or above would be required for all new tenancy agreements by 2025.  At present around 67% of private rented properties in England and Wales – around 3.2 million in total – are a band D or below.

Angus Stewart, chief executive of  Property Master, said: “We know landlords are getting more and more concerned about how they are going to meet the Government’s green targets.  The announcement that the £5,000 grants to support the installation of heat pumps would be available to landlords was a step in the right direction but given the magnitude of the problem it is nowhere near enough.

He added: “Our Webinar this coming Friday is an attempt to help by explaining exactly how EPCs work and how the guidance they provide can be best followed by landlords wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.  Sometimes simple measures can make a real difference but in the longer run the private rented sector is going to need much more financial support from Government than we have seen so far.”

Fiona Wilson, business development manager at Elmhurst Energy, the largest training provider and accreditation scheme for EPC assessors, will be the expert guest at the Property Master Webinar.  She will be on hand to take questions about how EPCs work and how they can be used to improve energy efficiency.