Investment in golf resorts shows it is not just lovers of the game who buy

Smart property buyers are investing in golf resorts, regardless of how they feel about the game. It is becoming an increasingly popular area for investors.

Golf tourism across the world is worth in the region of €10 billion each year and as a leisure sector, golf tourism is growing at a rate of up to two and a half times faster than other leisure based travel sectors.

These factors have led to the creation of some of the world's most exceptional property developments built around golf courses with luxury hotels, restaurants, spas and other amenities on site, ensuring that golfers, golf widows and their families and friends all enjoy the experience.

Spain is still regarded as the home of the golf resort. Many of these golf resorts are located in the South of Spain, on the Canary Islands and the Balearics, attracting keen golfers, people seeking holiday homes, and anyone who yearns to live within a community with top-notch leisure facilities, as well as investors.

'The real estate options are appealing to savvy property investors who are well aware that such resorts make the very best investment locations for both a high yielding rental strategy and a strategy relying on consistent capital appreciation and consistent resale demand,' says James Wyatt, Partner & Head of International Sales at Barton Wyatt.

Golf is now becoming an important part of developments in emerging Eastern European markets including Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. Morocco is another country where golf complexes are now being designed and built and South Africa is another favourite.

It just goes to show that the golf course lifestyle is among the finest in the world, regardless of how you feel about the game itself.