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GoCompare Links Up with Mojo

Online mortgage broker Mojo Mortgages has partnered with GoCompare to bring new levels of financial confidence to millions of people.

GoCompare customers can now see how much money they’ll save on their mortgage by comparing personalised deals with Mojo’s tech as well as providing signposting through to expert advice with a mortgage adviser. This has been crucial at a time when many banks are closing branches and call waiting times are rising.

Over 90 lenders and 10,000+ deals* are compared with the most suitable shown to the customer after an online process that takes just 10 minutes – direct from the GoCompare site.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking your first mortgage, moving home or remortgaging, customers will always have better visibility of their mortgage options, and should they want expert advice they can arrange a call with a CeMAP registered Mojo adviser.

In the first week alone, thousands of deal-savvy mortgage seekers used the service.

Richard Hayes, CEO of Mojo Mortgages, said:  “Everyone uses GoCompare to lower their monthly outgoings – it’s a given that nobody likes overpaying on insurance and utilities. Yet mortgage repayments dwarf all other expenditure, so it makes absolute sense that we all should have more clarity if we’re paying too much for our mortgage. This partnership does that. It provides absolute transparency to the users of GoCompare. And if they do see a deal that can save money, then it’s so simple to apply for it with Mojo. Mortgages are the final financial service to get the full online comparison treatment, but we believe for some people, advice will remain a key part of the process. So, our hybrid broker/technology proposition means comparison experts like GoCompare can offer their customers a truly end-to-end mortgage journey.”

GoCompare is the latest in a long line of big names – including Zoopla and Monzo – to see the benefit of Mojo Mortgages, an award-winning online mortgage broker that combines clever tech with a team of expert mortgage advisers.