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Hodge Reduces Rates on its RIO and 50+ Mortgage Products

Hodge, the intermediary only lender, has reduced rates on its RIO and 50+ mortgage products.

Its 50+ mortgage product, with LTVs of 50 per cent or 60 per cent, will see a drop of 0.30 per cent across the board. While its RIO products with 50 per cent LTV sees a rate drop of 0.20 per cent.

Find details of Hodge’s latest rate reduction, including the new rates for each product, here:


Product LTV Old rate New Rate Percentage change
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed 50 per cent 3.00 per cent 2.70 per cent 0.30 per cent
50+ Mortgage 2 year fixed 60 per cent 3.19 per cent 2.89 per cent 0.30 per cent
50+ Mortgage 5 year fixed 60 per cent 3.20 per cent 2.90 per cent 0.30 per cent
50+ Mortgage 2-year discount 60 per cent 3.09 per cent 2.79 per cent 0.30 per cent
RIO Mortgage 5 year fixed 50 per cent 3.10 per cent 2.90 per cent 0.20 per cent


Emma Graham, business development director at Hodge, said: “Hodge is constantly looking to help our intermediary partners in offering competitive and flexible products and this is our latest move to do just that. As a specialist lender in a highly competitive market-place we’re delighted to launch these lower rates across our later life propositions. These reductions in parallel with our common-sense approach to lending and our underwriter’s willingness to assess cases on their own merits means we can now support more of your customers with their lending needs.”