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Homeowners look to improve work-life balance

More than half of homeowners are looking to improve their work-life balance in the long-term, research from Love Home Swap shows.

A significant 45% agreed that assessing their work-life balance has made them look for more ‘leisure value’ from their homes.

With the pandemic keeping us at home more this summer, 10% have added a home office and 8% had added a home gym.

Some 56% of British gardens have been updated and improved, of which one in four include major landscaping.

Célia Pronto, managing director of Love Home Swap, said: “What these results indicate is a real step-change in behaviour that may have a lasting impact within the property market.

“Homeowners have not only looked at how they are using their homes at present and how they can improve their lifestyle in their current homes, but also how to diversify the value they get from their next home and in turn improve their work / life balance.

“Our global platform not only offers our community the opportunity to save money on travel, but also to extract further value from their homes.

“Home swapping is a trend that has been in consistent double-digit growth over the past few years, and we had a hunch that the pandemic would accelerate that shift as people look to use their property to improve their lifestyles.

“These results confirm what could be a lasting change in behaviour, where people capitalise on the value potential of their property, not just from a monetary perspective.”

More than one in five (26%) homeowners agreed that they were looking to buy a new home within the next year, 62% of which are looking to upgrade.

A better home lifestyle (36%) was the most popular reason cited, followed by a change in income (27%) and the desire to be closer to family (25%).