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Its easiest to sell homes in parts of Sheffield and Liverpool

It’s currently easiest to sell homes in Sheffield’s S11 postcode, taking just 11 days from being listed on average, Property Sell By Dates research from Thomas Sanderson found.

However Liverpool dominates the UK’s fastest selling postcodes, with properties shifting quickly at L11 (14 days), L26 (15 days) and L14 (23 days).

Birmingham’s B25 was also was also one of the fastest selling locations, with properties being sold after 17 days.

Richard Petrie, marketing manager for www.thomas-, said: “It’s fairly common knowledge that the current housing market is not at its most stable and there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the air.

“Having said that, it’s encouraging that there are so many areas where homes are still being snapped up in no time.

“We made this tool as a helpful aide to those looking to buy, or indeed sell, letting them easily see where in the country homes are selling at the fastest or slowest rates.”

Looking at towns and cities on average, it’s easiest to sell in Haslemere, South East, where it typically takes 42 days.

The next easiest locations are Mexborough, Yorkshire and the Humberside (44 days); Oldbury, West Midlands (47.5 days); Cottingham, Yorkshire and the Humberside (50.5 days); and Alford, East Midlands (52.5 days).

Hardest areas

At the other end of the spectrum the postcode where it’s the hardest to sell is Birmingham’s B13, where it takes around two years (761 days).

This is followed by Cumbria’s CA9 (608 days); Bradford’s BD12 (507 days); Carlisle’s CA6 (435 days); and BH13 in Poole (338 days).

Looking at towns and cities on average, it’s hardest sell in Aberdovey in Wales (761 days).

Behind that is Southall, London (684.5 days); Alston, North West (608 days); Wembley, London (557.5 days); and Bootle, North West (532.5 days).