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Just Mortgages Teaches the Importance of Managing Finances

Just Mortgages has launched a new nationwide initiative to teach children the importance of financial management.

As part of the campaign, brokers from Just Mortgages’ self-employed team are going into schools and colleges to help children understand the critical subject of how to manage their finances.

The sessions cover a wide-range of financial topics, including; what bank accounts are available, what an overdraft is and how to avoid charges, the concept of credit and how to build a good credit score, bills and financial planning, what types of loans are available and the importance of saving.

The Just Mortgages team also explains the basics of understanding mortgages, rent and protection, as well as supporting young people with bespoke advice customised to them at the end of each session.

Organised by Carl Parker, national director of the self-employed division from Just Mortgagesthese sessions will ensure children understand the basics of finance at an early age.

He commented: “Our aim with this series of sessions across the UK is to educate young people on the importance of managing their finances. The hope is that by arming young people with monetary knowledge, this can then evolve into positive habits that will stay with them in adulthood. The events have had a really positive response so far, and parents have come up to our brokers expressing their appreciation. Many have explained they never had any financial advice growing up, and as such an important part of life, appreciated that their children were being taught the basics.”

The sessions themselves were designed by Scarlett McKenzie, training manager at Just Mortgages, and she explained the importance of equipping children with the financial tools they need to succeed.

She commented: “Often there is little to no financial advice given in schools, and we wanted to help bridge that gap. While the training may not help the children pass any exams, they will hopefully set them up for a stable financial future. Many young people may not be aware of the implications their credit score has for their chances of owning property in the future, so these sessions are critical to help educate the next generation.”