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Landlords seek rogue tenant register

Landlords would like to see a tenant register that would outline those who have previously been in arrears or damaged properties, research from property services firm Leaders Romans Group has found.

Some 45% of landlords want there to be a tenant register, rather than having to rely on credit ratings.

LRG included a comment from a landlord from on the matter, who said: “Having had one bad tenant, I think it would be good to have a register so future landlords could be aware of previous issues so they can make an informed decision on whether to take the tenant on.

“I am currently applying through court for repossession due to a tenant failing to pay rent for the last four months. The current system is too slow and not fit for purpose.

“A tenant register would hopefully ‘black list’ those who default on rent or cause nuisance so they are unable to re-rent with a different landlord.”

Meanwhile a tenant said: “Rental being on credit score will help those who pay on time.”

Such a tenant register would sit alongside the Rogue Landlords database, which launched in 2018 and lists some of the worst offending landlords in the UK.

Alternatively, 70% of landlords want tenant arrears to have more of an impact on credit ratings.

In terms of other changes, 61% of landlords want to have a bespoke housing court to deal with tenant disputes, while 47% of tenants are also in support.