Barbados opportunities continue to grow

Barbados offers a smart decision for overseas property buyers.

Barbados is particularly beneficial to those property investors in the buy to let market. The rental market here has proven to be a long term and short term opportunity and foreign investors are taking advantage of it. The demand for rental property is growing and investors are able to see significant annual returns.

While tourism in Barbados continues to grow and looks promising for the future, a lack of quality rental housing is in place, which has caused the market to struggle. As the demand for visitors continuous to grow, high quality accommodations are not able to meet demand. This has in turn caused the market to see increasing property prices.

According to Dave Ames, who is marketing director of Harlequin Property, as reported by Holiday Lettings, "Property owners in Barbados are reaping the rewards and seeing both capital appreciation and inflated rental earnings as a result of the island's popularity."

While the country has attracted a variety of investors from around the globe, UK investors are keen to get started in this lucrative market. UK visitors account for the highest percentage of visitors here as well.

Options in the Barbados property market continue to grow and investors are able to get into large scale villas and apartments because of the growing developments.