Beachside property project tipped as potential hot spot

Ever since it was discovered by surfers back in the 1970s, Brazil’s Pipa has been a tourism success story and attracted overseas property investors.

Its trendy eateries, boutique hotels and world class beaches with dolphins off the coast attract the wealthy élite, but local agent has revealed that neighbouring Sibauma is now becoming popular.

‘Despite its diminutive size, the population is less than 5,000, Pipa welcomes around a million tourists each year keen to surf, see and be seen.  However Sibauma, just five kilometres south of Pipa village, is aiming to create an even more upmarket tourist offering to attract the well heeled,’ said the firm’s sales manager Samantha Gore.

‘Given Sibauma’s beautiful beaches, dunes, reefs, cliffs and natural swimming pools, all set in preserved Atlantic forest, I have no doubt that the area has a glamorous future ahead,’ she added.

Recently released property includes the Sibauma Residences project which has a selection of duplex town houses in a fully managed condominium hotel. Gore points out that it is a few metres from the beach with uninterrupted ocean views, giving the property good investment potential.

‘In a time of belt tightening, Sibauma Residences is a breath of fresh air as not only does it carry never before seen payment terms but it also offers a professional rental management setup with predicted 7% annual returns,’ she said.

There is a choice of payment terms, with down payments from 2%, that’s less than £2,000 on an average unit, followed by up to 49 monthly payments with guaranteed delivery after 36 months when the rental pool kicks in and the income can be offset against the final instalments. 

‘Add capital appreciation in the region of 10% per annum and it’s a viable, safe investment,’ added Gore.

The project features 26 duplex town houses with adult and children’s swimming pools, Jacuzzi, barbecue area, guest breakfast area and an on site restaurant, with manicured gardens 50 metres from the beach. The homes have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, all with sea views, and are priced from a below market value of £93,000.

‘Sibauma is causing a loud buzz right now and is already known as the Pipa of the future.  Investing in a condo right by the water offers high levels of capital appreciation and good rental income, all hands-free thanks to a professional team who also happen to manage the largest portfolio of rental properties in the area.  It’s a rare and time sensitive chance,’ concluded Gore.