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Brazil continues upward trend as others fail to catch up

With prices equating to just $1000 per square metre, the property market in Brazil is one of the most buoyant in South America at this time.

Brazil is also becoming more popular as a tourist hotspot, which makes the area a more desirable one to buy a property in. The northern areas of the country in particular offer great potential for investment at the present time, as prices here are lower than elsewhere in the country.

Danielle Murphy, an account manager for Resort Group International said that this was an "excellent time to invest".

Not only does Brazil seem to be bucking the trend for the housing market worldwide, it’s also easier to own property here than in some other areas. According to Manoj Chawla of Alexander Richards, Brazil has "very good property laws."

It's wise to be careful of the area you are considering buying into however. Some cities show more promise than others. A typical apartment in Rio de Janeiro may cost half as much again as a property in Sao Paolo.

The continuing development of tourism in the northern part of the country has led to the property here becoming more desirable – especially when apartments start at prices around just $45,000.