Brazil sells home of top drug lord

Valued at $3.2 million or £1.6 million, the property belonging to drug lord Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia is being sold.

Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia's property is finally being sold. His property, valued at $3.2 million or £1.6 million, includes four homes and a farm. All have been seized by the Brazilian government and will be auctioned off.

Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia is a Colombian said to be the most powerful cocaine traffickers in the country, and around the world. His operation expanded around the globe. His aliases include Chupeta, Don Augusto and El Patron, to name a few. He was arrested outside of San Paulo on 7 August, 2007 by the Brazilian Federal Police. He sits waiting extradition to the United States on drug trafficking charges, drug smuggling as well as murder.

Bids for the properties can be made in person or through the online auction.

The properties include an exclusive resort called Angra dos Reis. A large farm called Rio Grande do Sul is expansive and contains extravagant luxuries. Both have large swimming pools at the front of the homes. Additional property is found in Florianopolis, whish is a coastal city. Within this particular residence, Brazilian officials found more than 100,000 euros stashed. The fourth property is located in Sao Paulo. It is said to have contained 10 televisions, six various vehicles and a gym, fully equipped.

The US State Department estimates Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia's wealth to be nearly £1 billion.

Those wishing to consider bidding can do so, with the promise of anonymity. Sources say that a large number of interested investors are considering the purchase.  According to Brazilian law, the auctions are taking place currently, although the legal proceedings have not started. Laws dictate property should be sold so that it retains its full value.