Little known Caribbean island an eco-friendly attraction

Property investors interested in one of the lesser known Caribbean islands are being advised to bring walking boots and wear long trousers when they view.

Real estate staff on the island of Dominica say it can be a real challenge reaching plots of land but it is worth it for the views. It's under developed nature means it is becoming popular with eco-tourists.

'Negotiating the rugged terrain of Dominica can be difficult without a good guide and determination,' said property advisor Lisette Stevens. 'We often have to hike through uncharted territory. Potential property buyers must be well equipped. I wear long trousers and walking boots and take a sharp machete, water and sandwiches,' she added.

Interest in Dominica is rising. It is more rugged with lush mountains, 365 rivers and fertile soil but often confused with the Dominican Republic.

'Dominica has a lot to offer and is a healthy market for buyers. It is known for its nature and investors are encouraged to think about using renewable energy. There is a growing eco-tourism industry and it is attracting a lot of young people and those who want to get back to nature and away from the rat race,' said Lisette.

There are a range of properties and building land available. Buying is relatively straightforward but buyers need to obtain a land holding licence.

Dominica is part of the Windward island chain of the Lesser Antilles and English is widely spoken. Nearby islands can be reached by plane or ferry. French speaking Martinique and Guadeloupe are the nearest.

'Dominica has been a secret of the Caribbean for many years and offers a very different experience than many of the other islands. Now is an ideal time to buy in this emerging market as its potential unfolds,' added Lisette.