Columbia attracts adventure tourists

Columbia offers many tourism benefits, but many come for the adventure of exploring the unique landscape offered here.

Columbia offers quite a unique option for the adventurer traveller, including the Ciudad Perdiad (the Lost City)and other areas. Many of the country's tourism hotspots look as if they could have been taken out of the movie reels of Indiana Jones! Many are older cities and ruins that offer a brilliant look at the overall culture, landscape and history of this country.

Guides are in place to take visitors over river crossings, through forested areas so dense no exits can be seen and through a variety of off roading experiences. The goal is often to arrive at a destination offering beautiful hillsides, ancient ruins or perhaps nothing at all as the journey itself was worth the exploration.

Many of Columbia's cities have become improved in many ways. Just a decade ago, the area was one of the most dangerous in the world. Today, a walk through the city of Medellin will take you through Plaza Botero (Sculpture Plaza) offering a mall the size of 80,729 square feet. Shops, artistry, unique tourist attractions help to make this stop one of many in the country.

To property investors looking for an opportunity to get in, the market is fresh and new, not even called emerging just yet. Still, for those that are planning their next trip, Columbia may offer some of the most exciting opportunities today.