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Dominican Republic offers an opportunity over other Caribbean markets

Property investors may see an increase in the value of tourism based property in the Dominican Republic. The location is fast becoming an all year round tourism destination.

The Dominican Republic offers a better opportunity over other Caribbean markets when it comes to affordability.

According to Farah Khan, who is the spokeswoman for Investor Provident, "With Barbados you're looking at high prices, whereas with the Dominican Republic you have good entry level prices where people can invest because it is slightly cheaper, but at the same time it is quite an established market.

It already has a lot of tourism and a lot of people are flying from the UK and other countries around the world. So you have got not only the low price point that allow people to invest but you've also got the tourism there as well." This was reported at

The availability of land to develop in other neighbouring islands in the Caribbean is getting harder to find. Prices on those locations continue to grow as well. Yet the Dominican Republic offers space (it is the second largest of the Caribbean Islands) and it offers affordable prices, which are far from their peak levels.