FIFA cup in 2014 pushes property investors to Brazil

With Brazil learning of its ability to host 2014 FIFA World Cup, hopes are also set on earning Olympic placement. Investors see this as a prime reason to move on properties in these areas.

It was announced that Brazil would host the FIFA World Cup in 2014. This brings in plenty of funds to the areas as some $1 billion will be invested to upgrade the stadiums to accommodate worldwide attention. With new stadiums and new property investments upgraded, Brazil also sees potential to earn Olympic Games in the near future.

Property investors see this as an opportunity. Property investors are closely watching areas where stadiums will be built, watching for potential ability to snatch up valuable land and buildings prior to the updating so that they can reap some of these valuable upgrades as well as see an increase in the value of such properties.

According to FIFA, some 19 cities in Brazil have shown an interest in hosting the World Cup games including Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Brasilia, Belem and Campo Grande, to name a few. The FIFA says that no more than one city will use to stadiums and the number of host cities must be between eight and ten. Some $1 billion has been set aside for repair, upgrading and maintenance work of such facilities and the surrounding area.

When looking at property investment sectors in such an event, experts say you must see the bigger picture. Not only will the stadiums be repaired or demolished and rebuilt, but other aspects including infrastructure, accommodations and travel structures also will be updated.

An investment into the World Cup will help encourage the Olympic Games to come to Brazil as well. Such an investment could show long term benefits in tourism, property values and overall quality of infrastructure here, experts say.