Investment opportunity as Argentinean economy strengthens

Economic recovery and low prices make Argentina an opportunity for investors.

Argentina property markets are an ideal investment for investors from around the globe. As more opportunities open up in an improving economic area, it is likely that more investors will come to the country.

Argentina is seeing a lot of attention because the property market within the country is still new and offers low prices. The Argentine peso is weak, which makes investing here even more inexpensive to investors for the EU. Some areas of the country do have several locations where housing prices are higher, such as tourism driven areas.

One of the key types of investment available here is that of tourism related areas. Here, vacation rentals have attracted many investors. Purchasing these properties can be difficult especially if the prices are not low enough however.

The country has much to offer including a strong mortgage market. There is "enormous potential" here, according to Banco Hipotecario SA President Clarisa Estol, as reported by Bloomberg News. According to the president, "We are very far from where we were before the crisis in terms of deposits and loans, so we can double current levels without having problems. The mortgage market here is very different than that in the US."