Investors shift focus to Nicaragua for better opportunities

In Nicaragua, the huge housing deficit is opening the door for investors looking to expand the benefits Costa Rica has provided.

Costa Rica is just south of Nicaragua and has been an international property investor favourite for the last decade. The country has boasted low cost of living and provided investors with an easy market to sell in-tourism and second home buyers. Now, to expand the benefits seen here, international investors are turning to Nicaragua.

Cities such as San Juan del Sur and Tola are on the coastline allowing them to see incredible potential for beachfront property investors not willing to pay the high costs associated with Costa Rica beachfront property.

Additionally, there is a large housing deficient here. Investors say that country has a 400,000 home deficit. While some investors are leery about high value property investments here, wanting to see what the market will handle, there is a draw and demand for lower income and middle income properties to be built.

One way many developers, such as Sun Real Estate located in Managua will do this will be through the promotion of gated communities geared towards lower costing homes that will feature potable water, sidewalks and street lights.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made promises to help fund construction of additional low cost housing here over the next five years. Still, the private sector seems to be pushing harder for the developments.

Property prices here start as low as US $12,000. With these rates so low, many of the middle class and even lower classes will be able to own property for the first time.