Latin America tourism strong even in slowdown

With most of Latin American's tourism coming from the United States and Europe, an economic slowdown may affect economies here.

Yet many believe this won't stop visitors. 

The Jamaican President of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Jean Claude Baumgarten, announced on Sunday that the tourism industry within the country would remain strong even as their largest tourism sector comes from the United States, a country experiencing an economic slowdown.

On Wednesday, the Hilton Kingston Hotel held the Tourism Outlook Seminar, which is a meeting to discuss futures of tourism in the country. Jean Claude Baumgarten had this to say there, as reported by the Jamaican Gleaner, "A global slowdown is anticipated, sparked by a US recession; however this will be partially offset by today's changing world."

The country, which currently sees some 70 per cent of its visitors coming from North America is confident in the ever changing scope of tourism in today's world. A new interest and growth in the number of European tourists here, as well as those coming from the Middle East and the Asian countries is seen.

The country is even going as far as to target specific areas to attract visitors. Countries such as Brazil and Russia are seeing campaigns encouraging visitors.

Other Latin American countries are striving to globalise their tourism sectors as well. There is even talk of Cuba and the US opening communication sectors on tourism. Mexico is also working to improve their global image as a tourism destination.

Most Latin American countries are dependent on tourism dollars to fuel their economies.