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Medical tourism adds to Costa Rica’s growth potential

Experts predict this is a market sector that will continue to see growth for the foreseeable future, especially given that Costa Rica is developing people's trust having been popular with medical tourists for a few years now, and benefiting from word of mouth.

But in order to maintain its reputation as a medical tourism destination, Costa Rica needs to attract specialist surgeons from more advanced countries. To do this they rely on the ability to provide high quality rented accommodation. 'This is excellent news for the Costa Rica property market,' said a spokesman for David Stanley Redfern.

Costa Rica is set apart from other South American destination by its stability and safety, making it ideal for family holidays. Costa Ricans readily boast that their country has no need for an army, the country is so peaceful that schoolchildren oversee election parades, and there are more doctors in the country than policemen and women. Perhaps the latter feature played a part in Costa Rica ranking above the U.S. in a recent study into world health services, and also plays a part in Costa Rica's success in the new medical tourism phenomenon.

A new Presidential Decree will extend the regulation of coastal real estate development by limiting the height of buildings constructed in zones that are located near to beaches throughout the country. It is designed to prevent rapid development spoiling coastal areas.

One example is Guanacaste which has grown massively since the opening of the International Airport. The area now comes into line with other regions complying with Costa Rica's overall sustainable tourism policies.

Another pointer to growth is that Costa Rica has recently signed the CAFTA, Central America Free Trade Agreement. Its major export, micro-processors, is a growth industry, on top of all other famous South American export goods like coffee and cocoa.

And Capital Gains tax is not charged unless it is from a recurring (habitual) transaction, inheritance and gift tax is only 1-2%, and total round-trip transaction costs are a moderate 8.58 – 13.58%.