Mexican market attracts US investors

According to reports, Mexico's consumer prices rose because of the inflationary effects of property and food. Still, foreign investors see the market as an ideal location.

Inflation becomes a key factor in the Mexican economy. The problem is in the inflation of prices for food and property, the two key areas that have the country struggling. Consumer prices rose more than most economists expected in the month of February. They climbed 0.3% in February over the month of January's numbers, reported the central bank.

Property investors still see the country as a good option for investments outside of the United States. Some of the largest trends in the northern regions of the country are coming from over the border, where United State's banks are lending for mortgages. Up to 90% of a property price can be financed with just a 10% down payment.

With property in the US being unaffordable, wages are better than those in Mexico, and many are buying property in Mexico while living through rental properties in the United States. Mortgage payments for a full size home in northern Mexico can be as low as US $400 a month. More so, while the interest rate on mortgages in the Mexico is higher, at a rate of around 14%, the mortgages are for fixed rates and have very few risks of foreclosures.