Mexico property market attracting more interest from US and Canada

Mexico is the new frontier with increasing numbers of Americans and Canadians investing in property according to one of the leading estate agents.

A quiet 'revolution' in Mexico has seen the entire economy going through a very positive change. The change in government in 2000 and the sheer number of incentives to attract investment in Mexico has led to a boom in property, according to Realty Executives Mexico.

'More and more people from North America are travelling to Mexico but many are also taking up residence there, either permanently or for the winter months. The whole country is enthusiastically welcoming this surge of tourists and immigrants,' said Josh Twigg, international sales and marketing director.

One reason for the surge in enthusiasm is that more people are realising that Mexico is not just beaches and desert. There are coastal towns, tropical beaches, colonial towns with culture, authentic cuisine, art and history, cities with modern facilities and a buzzing lifestyle and rural countryside with waterfront lake views.

The accessibility of Mexico from North America is a major factor in its popularity with Canadians and Americans. Winter 07/08 is predicted to be the largest season yet for the Mexico tourism industry when the official figures are released.

Travel agencies as well as airlines are overwhelmed by the large number of people travelling to The Mayan Riviera, which is located on the Mexican Caribbean, according to Twigg. 'Many of these travellers are not only going to Mexico for vacations, they are going with investment and career opportunities in mind,' he said. 'There is so much opportunity because Mexico is welcoming foreigners and foreign investment to the country. It is definitely the place to be, especially for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. Mexico has become the new frontier.'