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US Real estate agents to show Mexican MLS property listings

The AMPI (Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios) will now be shown by US real estate agents on their own websites through the Immobel Global Real Estate platform.

The AMPI announcement comes during a wave of new globalization initiatives by and who each launched websites with translated listings recently.

‘AMPI will benefit from much more than just translated listings. Through the Immobel Global Listing Exchange, the AMPI Mexico MLS listings will be shown by up to half of all US Realtors on their own websites, creating a huge market impact,’ said Janet Choynowski, chief executive officer of Immobel.
‘In turn, AMPI members in Mexico will be able to show several hundred thousand MLS listings from the US in Spanish language on their own websites to their local buyers in Mexico,’ she added.

US agents will benefit not only by referring buyers to Mexico, but also by receiving referrals, since buyers from Mexico rank third of the international buyers from 70 countries who invest US$82 billion in US Residential real estate annually.

‘Our members truly appreciate the importance of International buyers and we welcome the chance to build referral opportunities with our colleagues. We expect to use the Immobel service to make sales that will profitable for both US realtors and AMPI members, said Guadalupe Duran, international director of AMPI.

Choynowski explained that since the Global Listing Exchange pilot programme between Florida and France in 2008, cooperative marketing that culminates in a well qualified referral has proven to be a win for all concerned.

‘The Global Listing Exchange simply provides every listing with more agents who have a vested interest in seeing a sale take place. There is no doubt that international buyers take comfort in having their own local, trusted advisor made a part of the process and their involvement also increases the chances of a sale closing, so this is great news for sellers,’ she said.

Participants in Immobel’s Global Listing Exchange include some of the largest real estate groups and associations in the US including Miami, Washington DC, Long Island, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Southern California.

Agents in the participating markets are able to select unlimited national and international listings to display to their local buyers. All listings are professionally translated into 13 languages.