Rural and tourism demand for property in Argentina

In Argentina, property is in demand for both tourism benefits and rural land purchases from UK investors.

In Argentina, the demand for land continues to grow. There are several types of land that are being sought, though.

First, UK investors and others are seeking out and snatching up as much rural property land as they can find, and Argentina offers a large amount of it. They are seeking properties like this in the US, Russia and in Australia for the benefits that are likely to be brought from it. With the demand for food growing in China and the overall switch to bio-fuels pushes demands; many of these rural areas are prime locations for property investments.

Prices of similar land in the UK are highly in demand with values reaching as high as 28 per cent increases in the past several years. More so, this property sector will be the most in demand in the UK moving forward. Hence, there is the need to seek property elsewhere.

Additionally, Argentina has other benefits to the property investor. Tourism is also a draw to many areas of the country. The US has an attraction to Argentina and the numbers show it. From 2005 to 2007, an increase of 35 per cent was seen in visitors from the US. More so, in 2007 alone, it is estimated that 430,000 people from North America visited the country.

The demand for property here is important for the country's economy. As more investors seek out the benefits available here, it is more likely that the value of property will increase from its low point right now.