Sao Paulo offers good investment options

If Sao Paulo, a large city in Brazil, was to become a country today, it would rank among the 50 largest in the world. Brazil property market is still a driver of foreign investors here.

Brazil's property market is a target and draw for many foreign investors. Many of them come to Sao Paulo with its ideal location and its growing economy. If Sao Paulo was a country today, it would be ranked number 47th in the world.

As number 47, Sao Paulo would be ahead of Egypt and Kuwait and would be about equal to New Zealand. This is according to a report done by the Federation of Commercen of the State of Sao Paulo in honour of the city's 454th year as the largest city in South America.

These facts come in terms of GDP for the year 2005. The GDP for the city was US$102.4 billion while that of Egypt was just US$89.3 billion and even less for Kuwait.

The report outlines just how important the city of Sao Paulo is throughout the world. According to the economic advisor at Fecomercio, Julia Zimenes, "Of course it is necessary to consider the difference between the countries. Comparing a city of 11 million inhabitants in a developing country to New Zealand, a small country, with a strong economy and a small population, (4 million) is complicated. But it is valid to show the grandeur of the city. Using the GDP in dollars is a way of providing this grandeur empirically."

Brazil has become an emerging property market to investors, and Sao Paulo is not left out. Throughout the region, properties are seeing incredible growth in terms of value as well as in the tourism markets here. Beachfront properties continue to be the most valuable, yet housing markets within cities like Sao Paulo are still valuable to foreign investors.