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Several emerging hotspots in Central America

Several locations in Central America offer a unique opportunity for overseas investors, including those of Panama, El Salvador, and long time favourite Costa Rica.

The World Tourism Barometer report, which is put out by the UN, displays facts about where tourism happens and provides a good deal of information for this region of the world. In 2007, Central American countries like those mentioned above saw an increase of 10.3% in the tourism industry. This was the highest amount of improvement from one year to the next anywhere in the world.

Not only are the numbers of visitors improving from North American tourists, who are the ones most often to frequent the location, but according to the report, European investors are also paying more attention to the area.

In a report issued by Global Property Market, the options of investing in property in Central America prove to be worthwhile. The report outlines which countries are the best for buy to let income and outlines the gross rental yield.

Of those Central American countries able to be invested in, some of the best choices included El Salvador with a 12% gross rental yield, Costa Rica with a 9.23% gross rental yield, and Panama with a 10.88% yield. Each was rated spectacular here. Nicaragua was rated excellent, with a yield of 8.66%. Of all the countries, Honduras was rated poorly with just 4.86%.