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Leeds ranked the ‘noisiest’ UK city

Leeds in Yorkshire is the city with the most noise complaints in the UK, research from comparison site CompareMyMove has revealed.

There were 27,316 noise complaints in the city over the past three years.

Other cities where people make a lot of complaints about noise are Glasgow (20,521), Belfast (20,261), Birmingham (15,643), and Manchester (15,131).

The data also looked at the nosiest places by London borough.

The most complaint-ridden boroughs were some of the most affluent: Westminster (50,569%), Kensington & Chelsea (41,499) and Hammersmith & Fulham (42,412) had the most complaints.

The UK’s top three quietest cities were Reading (1,549), Wolverhampton (1,694) and Northampton (2,289%).

In London there were fewest complaints in the borough of Tower Hamlets (2,037), followed by Kingston upon Thames (2,401), and Camden (2,614).