Lendlord partners with Guardian to provide tax insights for landlords

Online platform Lendlord has partnered with Guardian Tax & Accounting to enhance its portfolio management product with automated tax insights for landlords. The product hopes to provide landlords with the ability to track their portfolio’s net profit, total capital gains tax and their inheritance tax exposure on an ongoing basis.

Guardian Professional, who are specialist property tax advisors, will provide third-party advice to Lendlord’s customers on how they can implement the software product recommendations and thereby reduce their tax liability.

The Lendlord platform helps landlords to manage, track and optimise their portfolio, with dashboards that monitor key metrics/KPIs, and tools to identify performance insights, and other financial intelligence. It aims to provide landlords with a central place in the cloud where they can operate their business from.

Aviram Shahar, co-founder and chief executive at Lendlord, said: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to work together with such a professional firm as Guardian, which has massive experience in the property tax & accounting world. This collaboration helps us enhance the level of automation of the platform to provide ongoing tax insights and simulations based on the changing circumstances of the landlord/property investor.

“Add this to the existing collaboration with property forum Property Tribes, and we are starting to realise the Lendlord mission of providing a professional digital ecosystem for landlords to operate within which aids and supports a more efficient landlord life.”

Amit Prasanna, director at Guardian Tax & Accounting, added: “As a forward looking and innovative firm ourselves, we are thrilled to partner with the Lendlord team to bring real-time and actionable information to landlords. Our aim is to help landlords make better decisions about their property business and personal tax affairs.

“By collating and centralising key data for landlords, the Lendlord platform facilitates our analytics process, making it easy and simple to get early warnings of issues that may arise in future, giving landlords ample time to plan ahead.”