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LiveMore expands product range with four-tier structure

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LiveMore Capital has revamped its entire product range offering a much wider choice of options for borrowers aged 50 to 90+.

Instead of a two-tier system dividing products into standard and complex, LiveMore is introducing a structure with four levels of criteria.

The LiveMore 1, 2, 3 and 4 range has options which allow brokers to match their customers with the most appropriate product for their needs. This includes clients with a more complex credit profile, those looking to consolidate debts, remortgage or purchase a property of non-standard construction.

LiveMore’s range still concentrates on retirement interest only (RIO) and term interest only (TIO) mortgage products with maximum loan-to-values of between 60% and 75%.

The structure of the fees and incentives is also changing, so there is now a Fee Paid Range and a Fee Assisted Range (no product fee and free valuation) across all products. Loan sizes start at £10,000 and go up to £1.5m.

In addition, LiveMore is trialling a lower price point on its 10-year fixed rates making them the lender’s cheapest products starting at 3.70% for a 10-year LiveMore 1 TIO.