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Lockdown is driving demand for London commuter towns

Property keyword searches on Google have skyrocketed in August year-on-year in St Albans (60%), Brighton & Hove (36%) and Bath (59%), the research from Hamptons International has found.

Transport links and proximity to the office are becoming less important considerations for those looking to relocate. Instead, a speedy broadband connection and a comfortable work from home set up are top priorities, along with green spaces and walkable town centres.

Meanwhile, the added risks from coronavirus mean employers are more open to flexible schedules to help commuters avoid travelling during peak hours, making the journey into town quicker and easier. Working from home has also proven a feasible reality for many who may otherwise have been reluctant to adopt the remote working trend.

Hamptons have seen a sharp surge in the number of Londoners registering with their regional offices in August this year when compared to 2019.

For instance, St Albans (pictured) has seen a 77% increase and Bath a 97% increase, while the numbers for Brighton & Hove have gone up a staggering 141%.

All this suggests that changing circumstances mean changing priorities for city-dwellers.