Londoners want to partially work from home

A significant proportion (43%) of London employees want to work locally for all or some of the time going forwards, a survey commissioned by flexible workspace operator Spacemad found.

The most popular option was found to be 2-3 days a week working from a local workspace (61%) and 2-3 from company headquarters.

Only 15% want to work remotely full time, though 93% would like to work at least one day a week remotely.

Jonny Rosenblatt, co-founder at Spacemade said; “The momentum for flexible working has been growing steadily over the past decade.

“Employers have embraced a rise in condensed hours and staggered hours and occasional working from home.

“Coronavirus is accelerating this change in an unprecedented way and signals a significant shift in the future role of the core office and flexible working patterns.”

Dan Silverman, co-founder at Spacemade said. “At the start of the year we expected a rise in the ‘work near home’ model to come through over the next five years, and instead it’s happened in a few months. Lockdown and months of working from home has proved that being in the head office full-time is no longer necessary.

“Likewise, economic uncertainty means organisations are now more sensitive to their real estate costs and will be looking at more flexible ways to manage their office requirements longer-term.”

“High-quality office space will be more important than ever before. The central London HQ will have an even bigger part to play as a collaborative, productive space for teams to come together and exchange information and ideas, but post-Covid there will need to be a stronger purpose for people to commute each day.”