Emaar showing strong signs in a booming market

On the strength of expansion and many new projects, a Dubai Property Company has shown in great detail the reasons that the real estate market in the Emirate is extremely desirable.

Emaar Properties is a property company based in Dubai that has holdings all across the Gulf Coast and the larger Middle East. They are the largest real estate developer within the region, and they have, lately, been on a roll that has made analysts all over the world sit up and take notice.

Consider their recent launching of a building known as Tower One. This is an office building not only located in close proximity to the recently anointed tallest building in the world, but it is also close to the major hospitality centre of the city, and it, therefore, promises to be in a location with a property value guaranteed to go up. Rent prices in the office building are definitely going to go up because of the demand for the space, and this is just one of the many projects that Emaar currently has going.

In a showing that provides testament to the sheer strength and fertility of the Dubai property markets, Emaar beat even the most optimistic forecasts for their fourth quarter with their net income increasing a very impressive 1.3%.

These profits were actually announced after the company closed the day trading at its lowest point in ten months, but it is also expected that the news of unprecedented profits on the part of Emaar will result in the company’s stock going up once again and ultimately being strong well on into the 2008 year.

Mohammad Kamal is a Deutsche Bank analyst for the Dubai real estate market, and he noted that the "Results are within expectations, drive by solid sales on the domestic front and minimal impact from weaknesses in US housing."

Emaar Properties is just one of many different success stories that could be told about what is going on currently in the Dubai property market, and it is one reason that money continues to pour into the market with demand continuing to rise.