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Most landlords have caught tenants lying about pets

Some 78% of landlords have caught a tenant lying about keeping a pet, a study by CIA Landlord found.

Only 18% of landlords allow all types of pets within their property, while many charge extra for tenants with pets.

Landlords typically report having to pay an average of £183 to repair damage to their property caused by animals.

Richard Wayman, finance director at CIA Landlord, said: “As a landlord, it can be a difficult decision on whether you want to enforce a no-pets-allowed policy in your property.

“From damages to the furniture, to happier tenants, there are many disadvantages and advantages to allowing a tenant keeping a pet.

“It’s important that you fully considered all aspects before deciding on what is best for you and your property.”

When asked why they are reluctant to allow properties into their property, the majority answered that they were ‘worried about pets injuring other tenants’ (39%), followed by ‘worried about pets not being properly trained’ (35%).

Some 93% of Brits say that owning a pet makes them happy, while 40% of people in the UK own pets.