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Movebubble to rehaul platform

Rental platform Movebubble will release version two of its platform tomorrow.

The new version will include an update to the chat feature, with users receiving a WhatsApp-style experience, with double tick read receipts and the ability to check when renters and partners were last online.

You can now also filter based on price criteira and define whether renters want an entire home or a room.

Amy McKechnie, head of product at the company, said: “I’m thrilled to see the launch of Movebubble 2.0, which will enable us to provide an even higher quality of service to renters and our partners.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve listened to what renters and partners would like to see from Movebubble.

“This new platform allows us to meet those expectations and improve their experience on Movebubble at a time where we’re expanding into new markets.”

The platform also includes changes for partners, with letting agents having more visibility over competition, including with colleagues in their team.

Movebubble said the aim is to create a healthy rivalry that sees agents maintaining their high standards and providing homes to renters.