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Net Zero Carbon Housing Development for SE England

Plans for a ‘next generation’ net zero carbon housing and business development in Kent are being finalised through a partnership between SNRG and Quinn Estates.
The ground-breaking proposals were announced as SNRG attended the COP26 climate summit to outline its plans to reduce the risk, cost and complexity for the construction sector to transition to an all-electric future.
SNRG – backed by the UK’s largest energy company, Centrica – will be looking to provide SmartGrid technology for the new homes at Rhodes Park, Sellindge, near Ashford in Kent.
Outline consent has already been given, and forms part of the 24,000 homes Quinn Estates has in planning across the south-east of England.
SNRG propose to design, fund, build and operate a private wire microgrid for the development.
The microgrid will connect rooftop solar, air source heat pumps, EV charges (via the Centrica Honeycomb platform) and all other loads to an intelligent low voltage network and a large shared battery.
This will be optimised to reduce grid import and export and limit peak demand – allowing SNRG to cut the cost of connecting the development to the public grid.
The aim is to create an energy positive neighbourhood, which generates more renewable electricity than it consumes – saving residents up to 30% on their electricity bills.
The government has already confirmed that from 2025 the Future Homes Standard will require new homes to be zero carbon-ready and all-electric with no gas network connection.
The project places Quinn Estates at the forefront of the transition to all-electric, zero carbon housing that will be driven by decentralised, digitised and democratised local energy solutions.
Dan Nicholls, MD of SNRG SmartGrids, said: “Our mission is to enable the construction sector to build a zero carbon future today, and this opportunity with Quinn Estates brings us one step closer to that reality. “We look forward to working with Quinn Estates on more exciting projects in the years to come.”