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New AI Platform Valuates by Scanning Photos

A new AI-driven platform for valuing properties scans photos and uses data points to create an accurate valuation within seconds.

houzen’s algorithm picks relevant information on over 500 pre-set data points – including pulling info from digital pictures – and auto-calculates an accurate valuation as well as rental yield for all listed properties on the internet in seconds, thereby massively cutting the time it takes to shortlist high yield properties.

The algorithm scans property photos and understands more than it would just by analysing the content of text listings, automatically compares the property with other properties nearby and finalises a valuation that’s much more specific and accurate than any human-produced valuation.

The tool is currently in the beta phase and is being tested by houzen’s clients – which includes leading build to rent and buy to let investors. houzen hopes to release this tool also to its Asian clients, who have shown tremendous interest in purchasing homes in the UK. houzen hopes to one day make purchasing of units and blocks – even cross the border – possible at the click of a few buttons, with the same trust and speed of buying a book from amazon.