New property management assistance website coming to market

A new property management assistance website entitled ‘Block in a Box’ is coming to market on 21 September. The website is designed for those who manage a block of apartments in the UK, and will act as a gateway to suppliers nationwide ranging from contractors to valuation services so that property managers are able to have access to the services they may need in one website.

The launch follows recent reforms which made it easier for leaseholders to control blocks of flats, which introduced a wave of new self-managed block directors within the industry. Along with the website, Block in a Box are launching a property manager assistance service and including access to online property portal ‘Manage Your Block’ which is free for Residentsline policyholders or is available at an additional cost of £99. Property manager assistance is provided on a pay-by-the-hour basis at £50ph.

Belinda Thorpe, managing director of Block in a Box, said: Block in a Box fills a gap in the industry. For too long, those managing blocks of flats have had to rely on experience and the advice of their peers. It’s time for a change – and a big one at that. We started building an idea for an easily accessible gateway service that caters to every self-managed director in the UK.

“Importantly, we developed Block in a Box alongside a team of very experienced directors, who told us what services we should include and what would be most useful. The website has incorporated all of that and more. We’ve taken our time in selecting the best, cheapest and most reliable services across the nation – a perfect blend of quality and quantity. Everybody on board is passionate about making life easier for those managing blocks of flats, and we know this launch will change the way they handle their block. It takes the pressure away from them which, during the current economy, is going to be invaluable. Efficient, affordable and reliable; it’s the tool every block director needs.”