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New rental guarantee allows landlords to consolidate payments to one day

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London property assets manager Holland Properties has launched a new service to guarantee consistent income for investors with multiple properties.

‘Holland Assurance’ allows landlords to receive the total portfolio’s income in one payment each month on the same day of their choosing, regardless of when the tenant pays rent themselves. This helps avoid empty periods and can allow for better budgeting by avoiding sporadic or late payments.

The launch comes at a time of scrutiny for usual rental guarantee, which can see agencies charge tenants an extra fee that the investor doesn’t see.

Holland Properties also guarantees, if you sign up for the service, an increase on the rent for the first year based on your current rent, a huge bonus if the cost-of-living squeeze is felt more in 2023 as recent reports predict. Reimbursement will also be paid out even if your property is empty too, making it ideal for overseas investors.

The scheme is aimed towards investors with multiple properties. All property breakdowns will be combined into one single statement, once per month on a day of the client’s choice.

Sheldon Cole, Managing Director of Holland Properties said: “We are the first property sales manager offering this kind of guarantee as far as we are aware. It is a bold and dynamic move that pushes boundaries, but we are confident we can deliver. Our total transparency, openness, and honesty, alongside our service standards has always set us apart from our competition and now we can offer an assurance to our clients as well to make their lives easier. We believe this approach is what makes our clients choose us time after time and we are excited to build new relationships following the announcement of our new service.”

Holland Properties Ltd is a proud member of the UK’s most recognised professional property and housing bodies to ensure that it provides the highest possible standards.