Forbes lists top bargain cities in US

Top US cities to invest

Forbes showcases best cities in the US for housing bargains as property prices drop across the country.

There are many factors that will allow property investors to finally secure their investments into the US housing market. Now, Forbes, a leading investment magazine lists the best places to find a bargain here.

Many property investors are working towards securing a property investment that is perfect: the right timeframe for when the property will bottom out in value in any of the struggling housing slumps happening. Once those investors get to the point of securing the lowest possible price, they will purchase, renovate and sell or rent for large profits.

Forbes outlines the best places to look in a new study. They evaluate the numbers closely, considering all aspects including the number of foreclosures available as well as the level of inventory in the location. Still, it will be important for investors to carefully consider investments to insure that they avoid economic risks.

Housing markets such as Salt Lake City and Raleigh, North Carolina are outstanding locations to take into consideration. Other cities include Houston, at number 10 of 10, Richmond, Virginia, Jacksonville, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The property market here has become even more attractive since the US Federal Reserve announced its cutbacks in the benchmark lending rates here. With tightening lending practices, the country's lending power is lessened so investors will need the affordable prices of property here to pull them through.

The US property market is often a very attractive place to look for those in Europe, especially in cities such as Jacksonville and Las Vegas, where international investors have done well previously.