Manhattan’s most expensive apartment goes on sale at $65 million

There may be a global credit crunch but it isn't stopping the world's superich from buying and selling.

A 78th floor penthouse at the Time Warner Centre in midtown Manhattan, New York, has just come on the market for an eye-watering $65 million, thought to be the most expensive in the city.

Whoever buys will be paying out a staggering $7,831 per square foot and they will also have to pay monthly maintenance fees of $13,361 and monthly taxes of $16,332. If you were to take out a 25 year mortgage to buy then monthly payments would amount to around $400,000.

It is, however, described as one of the finest penthouse apartment in New York with five bedrooms, including a master suite with two bathrooms, two dressing rooms, an office and its own gym.

The 41 foot living room has its own library, there is a dining room overlooking the Hudson River, a staff kitchen, and a home cinema.

The seller, J. Joe Ricketts, the founder of Ameritrade, reportedly paid just $29.2 million for the apartment in 2006.

But it's still peanuts compared to the home being built by Mukhesh Ambani, the richest man in India. His new home in Mumbai is reportedly a 27-storey tower, complete with a four-storey-high open garden, and is reckoned to be worth upwards of $2 billion.