Ski resort in Canada for the gay community

Midland Baring financial Group Ltd announced today that it has come to financial agreement with Sante Chaleur Group to the tune of $60 million for the development of a gay specific ski resort and spa.

Finally, coming to agreement on financing, Midland Baring Financial Group Ltd has announced that Sante Chaleur is set to begin work on its Real Estate Ski Resort and Spa. The agreement, at $60 million is for a gay community specific project that will deliver high end services, amenities and

The project is a large undertaking which will include a Ski Resort, real estate development projects as well as a full service health spa. An all inclusive designed resort is forthcoming.

According to Constantine Caros, President of Midland Baring, "The gay community is a very important market segment, and this vacation home real-estate development and state of the art ski resort and spa will be completely tailored to their needs."

The project is a one of a king development, said to be in demand by the gay community. Services will cater to specific needs. The project includes full property development including the surrounding area. The goal is to increase tourism and tailor to the needs of this particular market sector.

The plan and financial workings have been underway for some time, and only today was Midland Baring determined to be the financial partner of the group.

No additional information regarding the specifics when the project is set to be started have yet been announced by Midland Baring or by Sante Chaleur.