Predictive analytics firm for real estate launches

Rental Property

A proptech platform has launched which promises to offer predictive analytics for real estate.

Gleensite is a London-based company that uses big data, artificial intelligence and expertise from its industry partners to determine what, where and when to rent, to buy or to build

The technology looks at identifying emerging trends from cross-continent to local level.

Daniel Kagane, co-founder & chief executive of Gleensite, said: “We developed Gleensite as we saw a gap in the real estate prop-tech market.

“The platform is currently targeted at developers, fund managers, corporates and investors.

“We wanted a platform that could provide instant access to actionable insights for prioritising investments, detecting value, creating opportunities that can withstand uncertain market conditions, highlighting any concerning signals and revealing any hidden risk factors.”

Alejandro Garcia Manic, co-founder & chief operating officer at Gleensite, said: “Our aim with Gleensite is to help individuals and organisations make the right choice at the right time and unlock the potential opportunities that harnessing data can bring to this industry.

“We have partnered with players of all sizes, from asset & fund managers to start-ups like, gravity co-living and PropFolio in order to help utilise and grow the platform further.”