RE/MAX opens in Hamilton, New Zealand

RE/MAX Riverina Realty opened this month in Hamilton, with its name taken from the historic hotel that once occupied the site.

Local businessman Steve Roper established the global real estate brand in the city with fellow managing director Jo Harris and office manager Lee Roper.

Riverina Hotel was a building once purportedly graced by Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother, while was New Zealand’s first international hotel.

Roper said: “We wanted to bring one of the world’s greatest real estate names to the Hamilton region in a way that had links to this community.

“We bought a property on the site of the old Riverina Hotel, hence the office name, and we have fitted it out complete with a mural of the old hotel.”

The Ropers sought out the agent in the area to join them as a business partner, and opted for Joe Harris, who is a property investor with a strong connection with the Waikato Property Investors Association.

In the Hamilton market 373 houses sold in December 2020.