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Scottish government sees sense over raising of rent cap

The statement by Patrick Harvie that the Scottish Government will allow rents to increase by 3% and by up to 6% in the private rented sector from 1st April is a sign that they have seen sense according to a leading property firm. DJ Alexander Ltd, which is the largest lettings and estate agency in Scotland and is part of Lomond Group, believes that to allow increases in the social housing sector whilst denying rises in the private rented sector would have been both wrong and illogical.

David Alexander, the chief executive officer of DJ Alexander Scotland Ltd, explained: “This shift in policy to allow rent increases in the private rented sector from 1ST April onwards is a sensible approach following serious concerns from all parties. This will hopefully provide some breathing space for the private rented sector which has seen investment slow or stop, a reduction in the number of homes available, and increased pressure on tenants who have been unable to find appropriate homes.”

“Given the level of feeling from landlords, property investors, the build to rent sector, universities, the farming community, and others that the rent freeze was damaging the sector and reducing the availability of homes for tenants it is appropriate that the Scottish Government has seen sense and adopted a more conciliatory approach. To do anything else would have simply exacerbated the current housing shortages.”

David concluded: “I hope that the six months from April will allow greater dialogue with all parts of the housing sector including homebuilders, property investors, and social housing landlords to ensure that we can develop a coherent and workable plan to provide homes for more people in the coming years.”