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Slough ranked as top buy-to-let location

Slough is the top location to purchase a buy-to-let property, according to lettings management company Howsy.

The town has some the highest average wages, good rental values and yields, as well as growing house prices (until the COVID-19 outbreak).

It is also in a prime position along the Crossrail route, while there will be access to Healthrow via Western Rail from around 2024.

Other areas which ranked highly were Bracknell, Oxford, Luton and Swindon.

Bracknell is currently undergoing a £770m town centre revamp, which has already seen the introduction of a £240m retail and leisure destination, The Lexicon.

Oxford offers higher rental growth on actual terms, owing to its higher property and rental prices.

Luton is cheaper to rent and buy, while it has an airport, three train stations, and is a 22-minute train route away from London.

Swindon has lower average rents but the strongest rental yields of the top five.