Social distancing video service for estate agents to launch

A web app has launched called Agent.Direct which allows estate agents to conduct valuations, viewings and identification checks via video call.

The app is currently being tested with a small group of customers.

Joe Little from Agent.Direct, said: “Our business is building technology products for the property industry.

“The estate agents we spoke to were using existing video apps to conduct valuations.

“Our clients were struggling because some vendors didn’t know how to use them and they couldn’t record the sessions.

“They also had no easy way to schedule calls and fit them into their existing workflows and software. We built this web app, which requires no install by vendors.

“A link to the call is sent straight to the vendor as an SMS message from the negotiator’s dashboard and recordings can be played back afterwards.”

Little added: “Money is tight for everybody right now so we knew we had to launch this with a pay-as-you-go package. It means that agents can sign up for free and test it out with their clients. If they don’t use it then they won’t pay for it.”